Meet NautiPup's Mackenzie Bag Pattern from Sallie Tomato

cork Mackenzie pattern Sallie Tomato sewing

NautiPup is pleased to announce our latest venture with Sallie Tomato, a premier Wisconsin-based source for quality sewing and bag making supplies. I discovered them about 18 months ago when I started learning about cork fabric. The founder and owner, Jessica Barrera, is a talented and inspirational professional who offers online videos to teach newbies (like myself) and shares her extensive knowledge of sewing handbags. Jess makes it so easy to grasp all the "how-to" sewing and bag construction concepts. The Sallie Tomato shop is packed with cork from Portugal and other fabrics, hardware, patterns, and all the goodies you need to make bags and more. And, I can't say enough good things about everyone who works there. They are exceptional! I am totally obsessed with this gorgeous cork material and excited to collaborate with Sallie Tomato to bring my designs to life. 

I approach bag making like I do all creative projects - once I figure out how everything works together, then I figure out a way to make it my own. I came up with the initial idea for this bag after receiving a floral cork sample. It reminded me of some designs that I loved from Mackenzie-Childs (my mom was an avid collector). Mackenzie-Childs is known for mixing up all types of stripes, checks, and floral patterns to create colorful and eclectic home accessories. My Mackenzie bag features a blend of black and natural checks, colorful florals, and solids. And, I have also created hand-drawn printed fabrics for the lining that coordinate beautifully with this go-anywhere bag.


The unique color blocking and mixture of textures sets this bag itself apart from others. Use your imagination to create a custom bag with your favorite colors and cork patterns that complement each other, then I will make your Mackenzie into a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Sallie Tomato offers the Mackenzie pattern for sale (in digital or printed versions) and sells Mackenzie kits in your choice of two different colors with everything you need to make the bag. And, they will be offering a step-by-step video to help guide you through the bag's entire sewing process. Fantastic!!

It has been the honor of a lifetime to work with such a talented group of professionals. NautiPup is dedicated to exclusively working with USA-based vendors (especially women-owned businesses). Make sure you check out Sallie Tomato...maybe you'll turn into a crazy cork lady like me!

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