Custom Bags & Totes

NautiPup is excited to announce a brand-new custom collection of wristlets, crossbody bags, and totes. Made to order, each one-of-a-kind bag is sewn in our studio featuring designs that I have created with cork from Portugal and fabrics with hand-drawn artwork.

Crazy over cork

Cork is an eco-friendly and sustainable material made from the bark of a tree. Imported from Portugal, the bark from the cork tree is removed very carefully without damaging the inner new layer of the tree. The Portuguese cork trees are protected and harvesting practices are regulated. A cork tree lives for approximately 160 years and each tree produces about 15 yields in its lifetime. And, cork can be produced with little waste as much of it can be reused and recycled.

Once harvested, the cork slabs are finely sliced and laminated onto fabric and treated with a protective coat for strength. Lightweight yet durable, cork has a durable yet lovely soft texture that can be wiped clean if necessary. It is offered in an amazing rainbow of colors - and includes some printed designs and laser cutouts to add a distinctive look.

NautiPup will be continuously adding more wristlets, handbags, and shoulder bags - be sure to check back often to see what's new!

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