About Us

Throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Explore. Dream. Discover.
- Mark Twain

So it all began on a boat...

When we bought our boat, Marley, we quickly fell in love with the world of boating. Our black lab/golden mixes, Bertie and Blakely, hopped aboard with us and now our weekends are spent exploring and swimming in the coves at Lake Lanier in Gainesville, GA.

For many years I was a graphic designer for large corporations, but during the past 15 years I have been working as a copywriter for an eCommerce website. However, I have truly missed my design work. The Marley offered me an opportunity to jump back into it by creating a design for our boat flag. With a black lab jumping in the waves, the Marley's flag is quickly identifiable around the local marinas. And, I recharged my creative juices and decided to pursue a side hustle. 

NautiPup Designs was launched, but there have been plenty of challenges. To make this venture work, I learned how to sew again during those solitary COVID times (thanks to YouTube videos). It offers such a fun way to experiment with color, design new patterns, and fuel my creative spirit...it's rather addicting!

Each bag is crafted by me using an assortment of eco-friendly materials such as cork, microfibers, and recycled canvas, plus custom printed fabrics that I designed. Materials are primarily sourced in the United States - and I try to specifically partner with other women-owned businesses. The result is a labor of love when it's time to "birth" each and every custom bag creation!

Special thanks to my "crew" for their encouragement, help and support:

To my family - Steve (my husband) and Jordan (son) - thank you for being patient as I chase my dreams to make them come true. We may be a small family, but we are MIGHTY!

Bertie & Blakely - My beloved pups and favorite four-legged "models" who inspire me to be a better dog momma every day. You are loved beyond words.

Family, neighbors, friends from near and far - thank you for the kind words of encouragement and support. You make me smile!

Anchors away!