About Us

Throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Explore. Dream. Discover.
- Mark Twain

So it all began on a boat...

When we bought our boat, Marley, we quickly fell in love with the world of boating. Our black lab/golden mixes, Bertie and Blakely, hopped aboard with us and now our weekends are spent exploring and swimming in the coves at Lake Lanier. We have so much fun visiting the marinas at Yappy Hour to hang out and mingle with fellow boaters and their pups.

The first project I designed for the Marley was a boat flag. Combining my two loves - dogs and boats - I came up with a fun design that makes the Marley easily recognizable. 

Fast forward to 2022, NautiPup Designs has been through plenty of twists and turns during some turbulent times since 2020. I had to make some tough choices to figure out a way to make this venture work. I decided to learn how to sew again and used my solitary COVID times to reinvent myself. 

While I occasionally make a few dog bandanas, I have decided to focus my efforts on custom handbags. It gives me a way to have fun by experimenting with new designs that feature my fabrics while continuously improving and learning new sewing skills.

As I start to figure out my way to retirement, I'm hoping that NautiPup Designs will offer a way for me to stay productive and provide a creative outlet. 

Anchors away!

Special thanks to these folks for their encouragement, help and support:

To my family - Steve (my husband) and Jordan (son) - thank you for being patient as I chase my dreams to make them come true. We may be a small family, but we are MIGHTY!

Bertie & Blakely - My beloved pups and favorite four-legged "models" who inspire me to be a better dog momma every day. You are loved beyond words.

Family, neighbors, friends from near and far - thank you for responding to my posts with kind words and support. You make me smile!