About Us

Throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Explore. Dream. Discover.
- Mark Twain

So it all began on a boat...

When we bought our boat, Marley, we quickly fell in love with the world of boating. Our black lab/golden mixes, Bertie and Blakely, hopped aboard with us and now our weekends are spent exploring and swimming in the coves at Lake Lanier. We have so much fun visiting the marinas at Yappy Hour to hang out and mingle with fellow boaters and their pups.

The first project I designed for the Marley was a boat flag. Combining my two loves - dogs and boats - I came up with a fun design that makes the Marley easily recognizable. I started shopping for nautical-themed dog accessories and discovered that the offerings were not very robust...to say the least! 

During several floating sessions at the lake with my dear friend, Pam, I came up the idea of launching an online store which would offer coordinated textiles, tees and accessories for dogs and their owners. I reached out to Pam's daughter, Jessica Swiftan extremely talented artist and experienced pattern designer, for help. In late January 2018, I took her amazing online course, Pattern Camp, and quickly became obsessed with this new way for me use to my design and merchandising skills.

This exciting venture is finally ready to launch. NautiPup Designs offers custom textiles, apparel and dog gear with coastal and canine-inspired themes. The GoGo AnyWear collection makes it easy for you and your pooch to create a coordinated look with custom t-shirts, totes, bags, dog bandanas, textiles and more. Give your home a fun and festive look with our burlap and canvas wall banners with bamboo poles. Check back frequently as I am always adding new items to the mix!

Whether you're out on your boat or taking your pups with you on daily adventures, I hope you'll have fun wearing your custom-made gear from NautiPup Designs.

Anchors away!

Special thanks to these folks for their encouragement, help and support:

To my family - Steve (my husband) and Jordan (son) - thank you for being patient as I chase my dreams to make them come true. We may be a small family, but we are MIGHTY!

Bertie & Blakely - My beloved pups and favorite four-legged "models" who inspire me to be a better dog momma every day. You are loved beyond words.

Pam - my go-to Boulder buddy that I rely upon for everything - design, sewing, brainstorming, laughter, and total support to make this dream come alive.

Debbie - with impressive sewing talents and ability to think outside of the box, she shows genuine enthusiasm to jump in and help. Debbie is invaluable and I appreciate her so much.

Jennifer - my best friend since 2nd grade and an incredible artist, "Stim" is always willing to critique my designs with her keen eye. Providing great ideas and feedback, she's my soul sistah. I love her "atta girl" encouragement to succeed. 

My Canine Assistants' pals - including Gwen, Darlene, Joan, Brittany, Arden, Jane and other volunteers - you have been an invaluable focus group to ensure the designs are right and for being NautiPups' biggest cheerleaders. You're the best!

Family, neighbors, friends from near and far - thank you for responding to my posts with kind words and support. You make me smile!